Typical Foam Cannon Problems and How to Solve Them?

1. How to Change Bottle Cap for Foam Cannon Pro.

If your bottle can’t be tightened with your foam cannon Pro cap, you can contact our customer service, we will check and send a new cap to you if necessary. However, it takes some skills to take off the previous cap since the old cap is mounted with foam cannon body and they are glued. Please check the video for the operation. We suggest you immense the cap into the 100℃ hot water for three minutes first before taking off the cap, the high temperature would deactivate the glue, so that you can easily take off the cap. Please be careful when use the hot water.
If it is hard to take off the cap, please remove the brass bolt directly.

Before you put a little drop of Locktite glue on the metal thread, please screw the new cap on bottle. And then attach the new cap to the foam cannon body and ensure the logo is the on the direction you want.
Once the glue is dry, it is hard to take off the new cap or change the logo direction.

2. How to correctly attach Karcher foam cannon Pro with trigger gun?

Hard to push in the karcher adapter into Trigger Gun.
Adapter is not in a vertical position.

Firstly, connect the adapter with foam cannon and adjust the adapter to a vertical position before you screw the black part tightly.
Then you can hold the foam cannon body to push the adapter into your trigger gun easily.

3.How to Properly Use Quick Release Connector? For ¼”, 3/8”, Kranzle, Nilfisk Quick Release Connector?

Since the Foam Cannon adapter is not manufactured by the same factory of the pressure washer, it is a little different between using the foam cannon quick connector and the original connector from pressure washer.
To ensure you can use the quick connectors safely, please do as following steps:
1. Pull back the female part.
2. Insert the quick release connector.
3. If the female part does not rebound, please push the quick release connector to the direction of female part, make sure the female part can rebound and be locked-up.
4. Test it in the open space, please be assured use after ensure the safety of the product.

4.How to Replace the Air Valve

5.Intermediary Adapter Between Foam Cannon and Adapter is Leaking.

6.My Karcher Adapter is Leaking, what can I do?

7.My Karcher Eazy Lock Foam Cannon is Leaking on the Yellow Adapter.

8.My Bottle Neck is not Neat Inside, Is that Normal?

9.Foam Cannon is making no thick foam the first time though I am using good quality thick foam shampoo

10.My Foam Cannon is Spraying Foam Everywhere or in a straight line, not in a fan pattern.

11.My Foam Cannon made thick foam before, but makes no thicker foam suddenly. What Can I Do?

There are two possible causes, please try these steps to solve the problem:

1. The Filter Ball at the end of suction tube is stuck, please take off the suction tube, clean the filter, and make sure no dirt left in the suction tube.
2. The inner bore hole of Bottle Cap is stuck by dirt, please clean the inner bore hole with a small needle.
3. The mesh filter is probably stuck by dirt or chemical residuals. You need to replace a new Mesh Filter.

12.My Pressure Washer Works On-and_off After Attaching Foam Cannon.

Firstly, please ensure you did not replace to a 1.1mm orifice nozzle. If you did not use the 1.1mm orifice nozzle, the pressure and the flow rate of your machine are probably too high. You need to replace with a 1.35mm orifice nozzle on your foam cannon.

You can purchase the 1.35mm orifice nozzle on our website.
Or you can drill your available orifice nozzle into a 1.35 mm orifice nozzle with a 1.3mm drill needle.

13.My foam cannon somehow gets lower pressure coming out, and no good foam.

The mesh filter is probably stuck by dirt or chemical residuals. You need to replace a new Mesh Filter.

After the replacement, you are recommended to take off the bottle and spray water for 30-60 seconds before stocking into garage. That is to make sure that there are no chemical residuals left on the mesh Filter. So that you can keep this Mesh Filter in good condition for a long time.

Anyway, water quality and shampoo quality are always very key to the mesh filter’s durability.

14.My Trigger Gun Quick Connector is Leaking, and it seems there is no rubber o ring inside it.

If the rubber o ring inside the quick connector is missing or broken, please replace one new rubber o ring. The parameter of the rubber o ring is: Outer diameter: 14mm Thickness: 2.4mm