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Fire Hose Nozzle
Diego Pallotta (Ancona, IT)

Sorry but it didnt come, instead you’re send de undercarriage wash kit for pressurre wahser

Chemical Suction Tube for Foam Cannon S V3.0
David R. Wells (Cedar Hill, US)

lost my other tube. now my MJJC v3 works great again

Works Well

Works as promised. Blew out the O ring after the first 4 uses, but an easy fix. capacity could be increased, but overall, I'm happy with the way it works.

Exceeded expectations

Everything I was hoping it would be. Massive foam volume, smooth adjustments, and top shelf quality.

Mjjc foam cannon Sv3.0

Just received this and tried it out the second I received and it’s just wonderful that with such little soap it foams up like no other🔥

the best foam lance

The best foam lance, the quality and performance of this foam lance is truly extraordinary. This foam lance can produce really good foam, even on pressure machines under 100bar it can produce really good foam, thank you very much mjjc.

By far the best foam cannon I have ever used. I appreciate the fine product you have produced.

Shampoo MJJC

Excellent product, with a neutral ph for maintenance of ceramic products, pleasant aroma, and thick and consistent foam. the best on the market. Excellent price-quality ratio.
good percentage of dilution.

Love it

Fast delivery, good quality foam cannon

Phil’s review

I like the SV3 Corsa ease of using the nozzles adjustability and includes a second 60° adjustment nozzle is much easier to adjust now you can do it with one hand and they made it easy to switch out the orifices compared to the last model is an excellent home and I highly recommend it

Awesome Foam

Great foam cannon!! Lots of suds.

High quality not Chinese built

Built like a tank and foam created is amazing

Spare Cap for Foam Cannon Pro
Evan Earp (Los Angeles, US)


MJJC Foam - Premium Concentrated Car Wash Snow Foam Shampoo for foam cannon and foam guns 600ml

Excellent Soap & Great Value for the Money!

I used this in conjunction with my Sunjoe pressure washer and foam cannon and ended up with great results. The cannon dispensed thick, long lasting foam with an unoffending tropical scent. I added 50ml of soap to 500ml of water on my first try and will see if adding a bit more soap can net some thicker foam. Definitely happy with the way the car came out after using this, looking forward to using it again!

Foam Cannon Classic (Snow Foam Lance) for Karcher K Series

Excellent product

Build quality is great and works perfectly with maximum foam.

MJJC Foam Cannon S V3.0 for Karcher K
Ruslan Statsenko (Yuzhnoukrainsk, UA)
Просто Агонь пена. YouTube video placeholder
Order from someone else

Buy from someone in the us if you live there. These people are slow and they suck at communication. And they don’t even update the stock accurately I’ve been waiting a month for a product that is “in stock.”

The best foam!

Easy to use and great quality! Highly recommended!

Foam Cannon Pro V2.0 for Lavor, Parkside Pressure Washers

Excellent product!

Produces great foam! Great build quality!

I love it

I've used it a few times since I received it last week. And I love how smooth it is, and feels very sturdy and high quality. I should of bought this one from the beginning

MJJC Foam - Premium Concentrated Car Wash Snow Foam Shampoo

Great product! Thick Foam - Smells Great - Easy to Use