MJJC Scrape A Round, 3 in 1 Ice Scraper Car Windshield Snow Removal Tool and Rearview Mirror Snow Remover

From: $11.05

From: $11.05
Product detail:
  • Optimum Design: The Scrape A Round is a ingeniously designed ice scraper and snow remover that’s cone shaped. Big head wipes the snow, the small head remove the ice. The edges are finely polished and absolutely smooth. Cone-shaped windshield will not leave scratch after remove the snow.
  • High Efficient:Only needs to be manually swiped to remove ice and snow. Double Scraping Action for Ultra Fast Ice & Snow Removal, clean windows twice as much as traditional scratches. No More Running the Car for 20 Minutes.
  • BRUSH044LX3KIT size:17.5x15cm
  • BRUSH044SX2KIT size:14.5x10cm