Car Brushes For Interior Detailing Air-Conditioning Engine MJJC


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1. Car detailing brushes specifications:
Soft bristle brush and Plastic handle
Car cleaning,care,detailing, wash brushes
1.Brushes For Interior,Dashboard,Rims,Wheel,Air-Conditioning,Engine,Corner.
2.Durable soft material and top quality
Car detailing brushes advantage
Car detailing brushes is the best choice to clean cars Interior,Dashboard,Rims,Wheel,Air-Conditioning,Engine,Corner,made of very soft bristle and  plastic handle,scratch free,and easily washed for future use,the best toos for detailers.
1.Cleaning dashboard,paneland wheel bolt recesses when used in conjunction with exterior cleaning products.
2.Detailed engine corner,air-condition easily.
3.For interior applications like leather cleaning and detailing buttons/vents.
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