MJJC Foam – Premium Concentrated Car Wash Snow Foam Shampoo for foam cannon and foam guns 600ml


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MJJC Foam – Premium Snow Foam Shampoo for Foam Cannon and Foam Guns



Applicable to all coating colors and coated vehicles.

Refreshing cider aroma.

Contains crude palm oil.

pH Neutral.

Super Thick Foam.

Super Stay Power, Stays on Paint Long.

Super Soft, Smooth and Slick.

Super Easy to Rinse Off.

No Water Spots. No Residuals.

Super Easy to Fill into Foam Cannon.

No need of Shaking.

With an inner lid to make it less possible to leak out.



○ Name: Car Wash Snow Foam Shampoo (MJJC Foam)

○ Application: Applicable to cleaning vehicle body, tires, and other outer parts

○ pH: Neutral

○ State: Liquid (excluding mixture)

○ Coating color: Applicable to all coating colors

○ Volume: 600ml

○ Shampoo/Water Mix Ratio for Foam Guns: 100ml shampoo/900ml water (3 ounces shampoo/30 ounces water)

○ Shampoo/Water Mix Ratio for Bucket Wash: 50ml shampoo/20L water (2 ounces shampoo/5 gallon water)

○ Recycable Components: Bottle, Inner Lid, Outer cap, Label.


Weight0.8 kg



Neutral, keep your wax and coating.

Foam Ability

Super Thick Foam

Stay on Paint

Super Spray Power. Stays for a long time.


Super Smooth, Slick and Gliding.

Mixing Ratio

100ml Soap with 900ml Water.


Super Easy to Mix. No Need Shaking.

Rinse Off

Super Easy to Rinse off.

Water Spot

No Water Spot.

Customer Reviews

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franco metalo (Besançon, FR)
super produit

produit comme dans description, ph neutre très doux beaucoup de mousse il suffit de regarder mes vidéos sur youtube pour se rendre compte de l'efficacité du produit

Kristian Filioudakis (Nikaia, GR)
One of the greatest foam!

It is one of the greatest foam shampoo so far I’ve try! Nice and thick foam easy to apply and to rinse!! Recommend 100%!!! Great job!!!

DGO Detailing (Sacramento, US)
Great foam Smells good.

Paired with the MJJC foam cannon this soap is great.
The lingering time on this soap is long.
Enough to do the whole car and come back and wipe it with a wash mitt.
The scent was also good. A coconut smell.

Anthony (Moulines, FR)
Top Soap

Top soap,
Very suitable with the foam gun
I recommend this product!

Gilbert Lemos (Riverside, US)
Super thick foam

Foam is super thick and the lubricity is super slick. Of course I paired it with their foam cannon, the smell is great as well.

Wow, MJJC Pro + MJJC Foam. Best Combination. :)

Ville Kuittinen (Seinäjoki, FI)

It’s very lasting, it foams awsome and cleans really good.

SAm Lay (Cheney, US)
Great 👍

Check it out! Works good and smells good…

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Tadej (Kočevje, SI)
Foam review

Hello, I only got adapter, foam is missing. Was it sent seperate?

Best regards

Hi, yes, there is another box shipped. I think you would receive soon or probably have received.
The tracking says below.
Number: LS198936666NL

Package status: In transit (26 Days)
Country: Netherlands -> Slovenia
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Jo & Dam’s (Briey, FR)

Hello everyone
I still have not received the product
Did you send it to the correct address?
name lecoeuvre
first name jonathan
address 57 rue Lucie Aubrac 57150 briey France

Hi, yes, there is another box shipped. I think you would receive soon or probably have received.
The tracking says below.
Number: LE206187445CN
Package status: Pick up (56 Days)
Country: China -> France
2022-10-19 11:34 Votre envoi est en transit sur nos plateformes logistiques.
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Ibrahim Sert (Istanbul, TR)

Its already came and tried it. Performance is so far so good. I will recommend it.