MJJC Foam – Premium Concentrated Car Wash Snow Foam Shampoo for foam cannon and foam guns 600ml


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MJJC Foam – Premium Snow Foam Shampoo for Foam Cannon and Foam Guns



Applicable to all coating colors and coated vehicles.

Refreshing cider aroma.

Contains crude palm oil.

pH Neutral.

Super Thick Foam.

Super Stay Power, Stays on Paint Long.

Super Soft, Smooth and Slick.

Super Easy to Rinse Off.

No Water Spots. No Residuals.

Super Easy to Fill into Foam Cannon.

No need of Shaking.

With an inner lid to make it less possible to leak out.



○ Name: Car Wash Snow Foam Shampoo (MJJC Foam)

○ Application: Applicable to cleaning vehicle body, tires, and other outer parts

○ pH: Neutral

○ State: Liquid (excluding mixture)

○ Coating color: Applicable to all coating colors

○ Volume: 600ml

○ Shampoo/Water Mix Ratio for Foam Guns: 100ml shampoo/900ml water (3 ounces shampoo/30 ounces water)

○ Shampoo/Water Mix Ratio for Bucket Wash: 50ml shampoo/20L water (2 ounces shampoo/5 gallon water)

○ Recycable Components: Bottle, Inner Lid, Outer cap, Label.


Weight0.9 kg



Neutral, keep your wax and coating.

Foam Ability

Super Thick Foam

Stay on Paint

Super Spray Power. Stays for a long time.


Super Smooth, Slick and Gliding.

Mixing Ratio

100ml Soap with 900ml Water.


Super Easy to Mix. No Need Shaking.

Rinse Off

Super Easy to Rinse off.

Water Spot

No Water Spot.

Customer Reviews

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NOVA GARAGE PA (Panama City, PA)
Shampoo MJJC

Excellent product, with a neutral ph for maintenance of ceramic products, pleasant aroma, and thick and consistent foam. the best on the market. Excellent price-quality ratio.
good percentage of dilution.

Customer (Popovo, BG)

MJJC Foam - Premium Concentrated Car Wash Snow Foam Shampoo for foam cannon and foam guns 600ml

Eric G (Malverne, US)
Excellent Soap & Great Value for the Money!

I used this in conjunction with my Sunjoe pressure washer and foam cannon and ended up with great results. The cannon dispensed thick, long lasting foam with an unoffending tropical scent. I added 50ml of soap to 500ml of water on my first try and will see if adding a bit more soap can net some thicker foam. Definitely happy with the way the car came out after using this, looking forward to using it again!

Jake Barnes (Maumee, US)
The best foam!

Easy to use and great quality! Highly recommended!

J. (Liverpool, GB)
MJJC Foam - Premium Concentrated Car Wash Snow Foam Shampoo

Great product! Thick Foam - Smells Great - Easy to Use

Justyna Brys (Antwerp, BE)
Nice product

Nice product, good quality and works good

Can Kayacan (Izmir, TR)

the product has not arrived yet . waiting in the cargo

Rob Caputo (Blairstown, US)
Excellent Foam Cannon! Great build quality!!

Truly enjoyed unboxing, testing and giving an honest review of the new MJJC S V3.0 Foam Cannon. Very pleased with build quality. Can’t wait to continue using it. See the link below for full review : enjoy!!


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Ben Samuels (Philadelphia, US)
Nice foam cannon with shaving cream foam

Before buying it asked what my social security number was. And said "optional" wtf is that about? I was iffy because it also said china. Figured it would take 2 months to get it. Came from ohio. Why does it get shipped in a used amazon box and the boxes are heat shrunk with plastic. Other then that it works great. I didnt use a lot of soap in the cannon. Should get 3-4 washes per cannon.

Ivan Gallardo (Chicago, US)
Super foamy

I knew it was going to be foamy but it was blown away on how well it foamed up. Super thick and stuck to the surface. Smells great too. Definitely get yourself a bottle or two.