MJJC Foam – Premium Concentrated Car Wash Snow Foam Shampoo for foam cannon and foam guns 600ml


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MJJC Foam – Premium Snow Foam Shampoo for Foam Cannon and Foam Guns



Applicable to all coating colors and coated vehicles.

Refreshing cider aroma.

Contains crude palm oil.

pH Neutral.

Super Thick Foam.

Super Soft.

Super Easy to Fill into Foam Cannon.

With inner lid to make it less possible to leak.



○ Name: Car Wash Snow Foam Shampoo (MJJC Mr. Foam Shampoo)

○ Application: Applicable to cleaning vehicle body, tires, and other outer parts

○ pH: Neutral

○ State: Liquid (excluding mixture)

○ Coating color: Applicable to all coating colors

○ Volume: 600ml

○ Shampoo/Water Mix Ratio for Foam Guns: 100ml shampoo/900ml water (4 ounces shampoo/30 ounces water)

○ Shampoo/Water Mix Ratio for Bucket Wash: 50ml shampoo/20L water (2 ounces shampoo/5 gallon water)

○ Recycable Components: Bottle, Inner Lid, Outer cap, Label.


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