MJJC Detailing Car Wash Bucket with Grit Keeper, Wash Mitt, Towels for Interior and Paint


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One 17L Bucket

One MJJC Grit Keeper Bucket Insert

One Microfiber no-scratch Wash Mitt

One Interior Microfiber Towel

One Drying Microfiber Towel



New MJJC 17L bucket (15L water), just perfect enough to wash one vehicle.

New MJJC 17L bucket (15L water) is much easier to take around your vehicle

New MJJC Bucket is very thick and specially designed for car wash.

New MJJC Grit Keeper Bucket Insert, more stable and robust but lighter.

New MJJC Grit Keeper Bucket Insert is with 5 finger size holes, easy to hold with five fingers.

High Quality no-scratch wash mitt with one chenille at underneath side and soft Microfiber at top side to make the wash mitt for washing different areas.

40x40cm Blue Microfiber Towel with shorter fiber at underneath side and higher fiber at top side for cleaning different areas of car interior or exterior.

40x60cm Purple Microfiber Towel is 600gsm, thick and plush, perfect for drying with scratches.

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