Water Spray Lance Wand Nozzle with no connectors


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This water Lance comes with no connectors.

5 tips are: 0 degree, 15degree, 25 degree, 40 degree and soap.

If your pressure washer is still working, but you brokethe spray water lance, or you want to order alternative water spray lance, this is the perfect one for you. it is light, short, and convenient to use. and most importantly, it works even better than your original water lance.

We have many models of such water lance, which can fit to almost all kinds of pressure washer, while each item is with just one adapter, so if you are not sure which adapter to select, this water lance Pro Plus is the best option. It includes all kinds of adapters to fit all kinds pressure washers.

all items in the photos are included in the package, so there are totally 5 different spray tips to use for different purposes.

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