M22 thread Connection to 1/4 inch Quick Connection Transformer/Adapter


  • Female Thread on Spray Wand
  • Male Thread on Spray Wand

This Connection Kit is for turning your M22 male/female thread into quick connection, so that you can put the water lance and foam lance on or off your trigger gun quicker and easier.

If your spray wand is with M22 male thread, trigger gun with M22 female thread, you need the Male Thread on Spray Wand.

If your spray wand is with M22 female thread, trigger gun with M22 male thread, you need the Female Thread on Spray Wand.

With this connection Kit, you don’t need to spend minutes on twisting your foam lance or water lance on your triger, you will just push and pull the quick connection. 

If your trigger gun is with a M22 thread, no matter M22 female thread or M22 male thread, this connection fit to all of them, as there are M22 female and M22 male threads at two sides.

Most big pressure washers, there’s M22 threads between the lance and trigger gun. this connection kit fits to your pressure washer, as long as your trigger gun has m22 thread, no matter it is male thread or female thread.

After you have this kit, if you want to order a proper foam cannon, you just need the 1/4 inch quick connection foam cannon as below: