Foam Cannon S


  • QR for 1/4" inch Quick Connector
  • KA for Karcher K
  • HDS for older version Karcher HD/HDS Pro Models
  • EZ for Karcher new version Eazy Force HD Models
  • M22 for M22x1.5mm thread x 14mm Hole
  • NQR for Nilfisk Type Quick Connector
  • PQR for PA Type Quick Connector
  • NF for older version Nilfisk, Gerni, Stihl, Kew, Alto
  • NNF for Nilfisk, Gerni, STIHL
  • NLV for Robinzon / Sturm / Texas / Hitachi, Interskol AM 120/1500c
  • LV for LAVOR, Parkside
  • NBD for Black&Decker, AR Blue, Bosch AQT, new Bosch Aquatak
  • BS for older version Bosch Aquatak (before 2015 year)


Foam Cannon S are new generation Foam Cannons, powered by MJJC’s new generation foam technology. This new technology is stronger and creates more, thicker foam with less soap, even with smaller pressure washers. They have a better connection system. This allows them to attach to your pressure washer easily, and makes changing attachments easier and faster.

Simply put, they are better, stronger, and save you soap, while creating more foam, making it easier and quicker to foam your vehicle.


  1. 360° Degree Adjustable Spray Direction feature makes it easier to foam the roof and chassis of your vehicle.
  2. Better foam fan is produced with the new spray nozzle.
  3. Thicker foam is produced using less shampoo(soap), which saves you money.
  4. Produces 30% denser foam than the first generation foam cannon with the same amount of shampoo.
  5. Thick foam can be produced even with 90Bar(1300psi) pressure washers.
  6. New connection system (patent pending) makes it easier to attach fittings, no need for PTFE tape or glue.
  7. New design makes it easier to change the orifice nozzle and mesh filter.


  • Is designed with the new generation MJJC foam cannon technology, allowing you to rotate the spray nozzle 360° degrees to foam your vehicle’s roof and chassis easier without wasting foam.
  • Produces 30% denser foam than the classic foam cannon, while using as little as 100ml of shampoo per 900ml water(1:9 ratio). That means you can create more foam while using less shampoo.
  • Produces proper foam even with a 90Bar (1300psi) pressure washer. You won’t need to buy a larger pressure washing machine to produce a dense foam.
  • Features the foam fan spray adjuster and top knob, making it easy-to-use! They will be all set to the best condition before assembled, so you won’t concern about it again.
  • Includes a variety of adapters that fit most pressure washers.
  • Comes with a 1.25mm orifice nozzle installed and a 1.1mm orifice nozzle as a spare, as well as an extra stainless steel mesh filter.
  • Designed with the new patented Click & Play connection system. Just screw it on, no need for extra PTFE tape or glue to seal your adapters.
  • Built with new generation construction, making it stronger and more robust.
  • Is newly designed, making it easier to change the orifice nozzle and stainless steel mesh filter.
  • Has all the features of the Foam Cannon Classic.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Excellent foam with an entey level 90b pressure washer. Great product

Overall the best foam lance

I have used a number of lances some more expensive others cheaper but this is the best overall. Bought this model for both horizontal and vertical spray and works a treat. Also bought some extra items with the product.


Excellent product.
Nice job mjjc