Foam Cannon Pro V2.0 with Adapters / Connector Options

From: $85.00

From: $85.00
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What’s New with the New Generation Foam Cannon Pro V2.0:

  1. 360 Degree Spray Patterns.
  2. Easier to foam the top and chassis of your vehicle.
  3. Better Foam Fan.
  4. New Generation Foam Technology.
  5. Thicker foam with less shampoo.
  6. Up to 30% thicker foam.
  7. Less noise.
  8. Works with as low as 90Bar(1300Psi) pressure washers.
  9. New Connection/Fitting.
  10. Easier and faster to attach fitting, no need tape or glue.
  11. New Tank and Cap.
  12. More than 1Liter capacity to wash bigger vehicles.
  13. Easier to attach with foam cannon body.
  14. Tank cap is leak proof even when you put upside down.
  15. More stable, robust, and durable.


Weight0.7 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 18 cm
Working Pressure psi


Working Pressure Bar


Spray Blade

New Generation

Assembled nozzle orifice


Spare nozzle orifice


Mesh Filter

New Generation Sandwich Filter

Leak when turned up down

No Leak

Easy to change mesh filter


Easy to change connector


Easy to change spare nozzle


Foam Direction

360 Degree

Foam Thickness


Easy to foam vehicle top


Easy to foam vehicle chassis


Spray Fan

Adjustable Width

Adjustable Foam Thickness

Adjustable Top Knob

Tank Capacity


Stand Stabability


Suction Tube

Soft with gravity ball

Tube Filter

Stainless Steel

Tank Lid



New Generation

Connector Sealing

No need for tapes

Variable Connector Options

Variable Options

Break Proof Ability



Home, HD, Professional

OEM Customization

OEM Available

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
George L (Athens, GR)
Excellent product

Best foam cannon on the market 👍

Dominic Sänger (Wadern, DE)

Foam Cannon Pro V2.0 with Adapters / Connector Options

A.C. (Lithia, US)

Excellent product. Best in the market. ¡Don’t think twice…buy it!

JT (Richmond, US)

Did the homework and this was highly suggested. Did not dissapoint.

Dad5x (Indian Trail, US)
The very best

So easy to use. The foam is super thick. Like shaving cream. Well worth the cost.

Neil zaccaro (Commack, US)

not very happy still have not received it
it has been 16 days

Roger Wong (San Francisco, US)
Foam Cannon Pro V2.0

After using the foam cannon from MJJC, I just wanted to say the cannon works amazing and it was better than what i expected. The cars i used it on was covered in foam from head to toe, the 360 degree nozzle was super useful when i had to wash inside a garage. i didnt use too much soap but the thickness of the foam was great. would buy again.

D.i. (Visalia, US)

MJJC, WOW!! This is the one for you if you like that shaving cream foam! YouTube video placeholder
David Hall (Bellingham, GB)

Very good

christian salinas (Keyes, US)
The best foam cannon by far

I've tried a few cheap foam cannons and various techniques and was unable to get thick foam. Even performing the orifice mod on my other foam cannons, it never gave me the thick foam I was looking for. A higher end foam cannon was my last resort and the MJJC seemed like the best one to buy. Swapped the orifice off the bat as my washer is electric and only 1600 PSI and 1.2gpm, and the foam output was exactly what I was looking for. Not to mention the other features of the cannon are genius. Wide mouth, metal bearing filter, plastic on plastic design. Top of the line lance at a pretty competitive price. 10/10