Foam Cannon Pro V2.0 with 1/4″ Quick Connector Adapter


1/4″ Quick Connection is the most popular adapter for foam cannon now.

If your trigger gun is with 1/4 quick connection spray tips, then this model must fit your trigger gun.

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1/4″ Quick Connection is the most popular adapter for foam cannon now.

If your trigger gun is with 1/4 quick connection spray tips, then this model must fit your trigger gun.

Weight0.7 kg
Working Pressure psi


Working Pressure Bar


Spray Blade

New Generation

Assembled nozzle orifice


Spare nozzle orifice


Spare Parts

1 mesh filter

Mesh Filter

New Generation Sandwich Filter

Leak when turned up down

No Leak

Easy to change mesh filter


Easy to change connector


Easy to change spare nozzle


Foam Direction

360 Degree

Foam Thickness


Easy to foam vehicle top


Easy to foam vehicle chassis


Spray Fan

Adjustable Width

Adjustable Foam Thickness

Adjustable Top Knob

Tank Capacity


Stand Stabability


Suction Tube

Soft with gravity ball

Tube Filter

Stainless Steel

Tank Lid



New Generation

Connector Sealing

No need for tapes

Variable Connector Options

Variable Options

Break Proof Ability



Home, HD, Professional

OEM Customization

OEM Available

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Sara & David Varney (Clovis, US)

Worked great with the 1.25 Orifice but even better when I changed out to the 1.1 Orifice (using an Electric Sunjoe SPX3000)… Foam was excellent whether with a store bought shampoo like Chemical Guys or Meguiars or a higher grade soap like Carpro Reset or Koch Chemie GSF. The construction was solid & what I’d call Professional Grade…
Thank You to the team for a superior product & allowing me to test it. Dave Varney

Ronald Moton (McDonough, US)
MJJC foam cannon

The MJJC foam cannon performed as advertised. It is an excellent product for washing your car!!!

Jo & Dam’s (Metz, FR)
Foam lance qualité PRO !

Bonjour, après avoir réaliser le test ce canon mousse sur notre chaine YouTube, je me doit de vous dire que nous sommes agréablement surpris en rapport avec la qualité de fabrication ainsi que de la mousse produite ! Nous l'avons comparer a un des leader du marché Français le Ventury pro de la marque Alchimy7, et il faut dire que il y a une différence notable !

Nous recommandons sans hésitation ce canon mousse, également pour son prix bien inférieur a la plus part dans sa catégorie !

Joint a cette avis notre vidéo sur notre chaine YouTube, n'hésiter pas a jeter un œil, ainsi qu'a vous abonner si notre travail vous plait !

Jo & Dam's. YouTube video placeholder
John Heckelsmiller (Key West, US)
Extremely high quality

This is a real upgrade from other brands. Extremely high quality parts. Clean like a professional YouTube video placeholder
Detail it (Visalia, US)
Best Foam Cannon at this price!

I am very impressed with the adjustability of this cannon. Not to mention it delivers GREAT foam! Very Satisfied! YouTube video placeholder
Erik (Niles, US)
By far the best foam cannon on the market

We have reviewed multiple competitors and the JJC beats them all hands down. The most foam, best construction, and the company is friendly and responsive. Definitely recommend this and their other products.

ESA Detail Garage (Arlington, US)
Best Foam Cannon!

Awesome product worth the money and produces so much foam. Would recommend to get this mega foamer of a foam cannnon and enjoy washing your car. YouTube video placeholder
Jo & Dam’s (Metz, FR)

Foam Cannon Pro V2.0 with 1/4" Quick Connector Adapter

DV Auto Detailing (Shrewsbury, US)
Wicked Awesome Suds!

Hands down the best foam cannon I've used yet. I own an Adams which is the same price and a few of the $20 Amazon specials and none come close to how good the new V2.0 MJJC works. It generals wicked thick shaving cream foam and it's pretty liquid efficient. This is coming from an electric pressure washer using regular cold tap water. I plan to buy a few more of these to replace my other foam cannons. For the price, I recommend you do the same. YouTube video placeholder
Rody @ southern. California (Beaumont, US)
Best Foam Cannon

It’s my favorite foam cannon for now. Pro 2.