Foam Cannon Pro V2.0 with 1/4″ Quick Connector Adapter


1/4″ Quick Connection is the most popular adapter for foam cannon now.

If your trigger gun is with 1/4 quick connection spray tips, then this model must fit your trigger gun.

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1/4″ Quick Connection is the most popular adapter for foam cannon now.

If your trigger gun is with 1/4 quick connection spray tips, then this model must fit your trigger gun.

What’s New with the New Generation Foam Cannon Pro V2.0:

  1. 360 Degree Spray Patterns.
  2. Easier to foam the top and chassis of your vehicle.
  3. Better Foam Fan.
  4. New Generation Foam Technology.
  5. Thicker foam with less shampoo.
  6. Up to 30% thicker foam.
  7. Less noise.
  8. Works with as low as 90Bar(1300Psi) pressure washers.
  9. New Connection/Fitting.
  10. Easier and faster to attach fitting, no need tape or glue.
  11. New Tank and Cap.
  12. More than 1Liter capacity to wash bigger vehicles.
  13. Easier to attach with foam cannon body.
  14. Tank cap is leak proof even when you put upside down.
  15. More stable, robust, and durable.

This Foam Cannon Pro fits these pressure washer models as well:

Greenworks 1700-PSI 1.2-GPM


Truper 2000psi

Truper 1800spi

Ryobi 2000psi

Ryobi 2900psi

Ryobi gasoline

Ryobi electrica

Fast entry for Ryobi

Karcher k1700

Generac 3100psi

Generac 2800psi

Generac gasoline

Surtek 1800psi

Craftsman CMEPW2100

Honda gasolina 3300psi

Greenworks 2000psi

Poweren pwhd3000


Weight0.7 kg
Working Pressure psi


Working Pressure Bar


Spray Blade

New Generation

Assembled nozzle orifice


Spare nozzle orifice


Mesh Filter

New Generation Sandwich Filter

Leak when turned up down

No Leak

Easy to change mesh filter


Easy to change connector


Easy to change spare nozzle


Foam Direction

360 Degree

Foam Thickness


Easy to foam vehicle top


Easy to foam vehicle chassis


Spray Fan

Adjustable Width

Adjustable Foam Thickness

Adjustable Top Knob

Tank Capacity


Stand Stabability


Suction Tube

Soft with gravity ball

Tube Filter

Stainless Steel

Tank Lid



New Generation

Connector Sealing

No need for tapes

Variable Connector Options

Variable Options

Break Proof Ability



Home, HD, Professional

OEM Customization

OEM Available

Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Benjamin Perez

Excelent product
I think this week i am going to upload a video using it
Thank you for everything

Dustin Candia (San Antonio, US)
Good product

This foam cannon works really well to produce thick foam with my lower 1.2 GPM electric pressure washer. Construction and design are of premium quality. Definitely would recommend it. The only problem I had was with shipping/handling, my box shipped without anything to protect it from damage. Honestly, it looked like the work of 5 year old. No quality standard when it comes to shipping a $90 foam cannon. FYI my box was damaged but the contents on the inside were undamaged, so they still get 5 stars for making a good product.

Tom Vincent (San Jose, US)
Heavy foam with weak power washer

Worked well with aperture that came installed. The smaller aperture supplied should work even better with my cheap electric power washer.

Michael Louie Litorja (Marietta, US)

Foam Cannon Pro V2.0 with 1/4" Quick Connector Adapter

felix alberto alonso hernandez (Tijuana, MX)
The best

The best foam cannon in the market right now better then mtm hydro you get more foam

Peter Mercado (Rio Grande, PR)

Best one. Love it. Thanks

Brian Sciranka (Monroe, US)
Love it so much I’m glad I bought 2‼️🧼🪣🧽

Well I switched to the 1.1mm orifice for my setup and I’ve only used some Chemical Guys honeydew soap so far but the amount of foam is insane‼️ So glad I watched reviews and found this as it’s my first, well 2, foam cannons lol. I purchased my second from a vendor (@imjoshv) in the US and it actually came before my first order direct from MJJC. For some reason the vendors cannon didn’t have the MJJC label on it. Also I noticed that the tolerances in the nozzle turning was a bit looser in the cannon direct from MJJC compared to the vendors which felt perfectly nice and tight. Maybe just a slight QC issue, I could be wrong. I can’t wait to try it out with an even better soap like Adam’s mega foam. Either way I’ve already recommended this foam cannon to countless people. Just made a custom detailing cart and look forward to using them so much more‼️

William Lahey (Lexington, US)
Shaving cream

Its awesome

simooiiz (Bandar Seri Begawan, BN)
will buy again

fast shipping, durable product and remarkable result. foam is thick. 1.9 ratio. will buy second set soon.

James Hill
Haven’t received it yet.

Waiting for shipment