FAQ about MJJC Foam Cannon

How long does free shipping get to me?

Normally the parcel will take 15-20 days to get to you, but sometimes it will take 2 months (Brazil may take 3 months) for something beyond our reach during transport. If you don’t get the parcel within 2 months, which seems that the parcel is lost or something else, you could open a dispute and we would refund to you. Hope for your understanding and thank you.

Can I choose other shipping ways?

Yes, you could choose the shipping ways when you place the order. There are 7 and 11 working day delivery options. Thank you.

Will our order be subject to customs duties?

Each package may be subject to tariffs, and different tariff policies for different countries. However, local overseas warehouses (Russia, Spain, and the United States) will not be subject to customs duties.

I don’t want the bottle of the foam lance, can you sell the rest parts separately?

Yes, we could sell you those parts, but the price is nearly same as the one with the bottle. And there may occur that our foam lance could not fit in your bottle. So we suggest that you buy the whole foam lance. Thank you.

Can I get the bottle without logo?

Yeah, we have the bottles without logo. If you order 2 pieces, we would send you the bottles with logo. Order amount over 12 pieces, we would send the bottles without our logo. If you want all the bottles with logo, please leave a note. Thanks for the understanding.

The tracking status shows delivery failed, what should I do?

For this situation, you may need to pick up the parcel yourself at the local post office with the tracking number or ask the personnel there to help you track the parcel. So sorry for the inconvenience.

Why there is a small nozzle screw in the parcel? What is it for?

There will be a small nozzle screw(1.1mm) for the smaller pressure washers. If the foam lance is working well, then it doesn’t need to be replaced. Thank you.

What’s the working pressure of your foam lance?

The working pressure of our foam lance is between 100-168 bar.

What’s the differences between the black and colorless one of your foam lance?

Colorless stands for brass adapter. And the Black one stands for plastic adapter. Both of them are in the same size, they are just made of different material. So you could choose either one.

Why the tracking status not change at all for a long time?

It takes time for the shipping company to track the goods and update the tracking information, especially when the goods is under transport to different transportation depots. Hope for your understanding.

Q: Can I get the digital invoice?

A: Yes, please provide us your E-mail. We would send it to you. Thank you.