Foam Guns and Water Spray Guns

A foam gun is different from your traditional water spray gun. You can buy one of these high-quality guns online. When using one of these guns, you have a professional cleaning tool that protects the surface and paintwork of your automobile. You’ll be able to remove dirt and abrasives from the surface of your vehicle that would otherwise remain with a traditional water sprayer.

Types of Car Wash Foam Guns

The water spray gun is less expensive, but foam guns can be multi-function and swapped using any attachment you own. Great for heavy hand cleaning, these guns can come in many types:

  • Adjustable

  • Bottling

  • Quick-release

  • Professional grade

A foam gun for a pressure washer may also have interchangeable tips that allow for high-pressure water delivery at different angles. The nozzle will produce a lot of foam and soap to release dirt from the car or truck’s paint. The foaming action provides a deeper clean than what is possible with a water-only nozzle.

Advantages of a Car Foam Gun

Foam has a lot of advantages, and the key advantages of our models include:

  • Less soap and water is required to thoroughly clean the vehicle

  • Time spent washing your vehicle is reduced

  • Remove more dirt and abrasives from your vehicle’s surface

  • Use to clean porches, patio furniture and other items, such as RVs and motorcycles

Spend less time scrubbing and washing your automobile with the power of foam. Our nozzles provide the same foaming power that the world’s top car washes use. Fast and efficient, our nozzles are available in numerous inlet size options and a variety of prices to best meet your needs.

Tips for Buying a Water Spray Gun for Car Washing

When choosing a model, you’ll first need to consider your pressure washer requirements. Your washer may need between 1,000 and 3,000 PSI to operate properly. Medium duty models typically require 1,400+ PSI to operate properly. Next, it’s time to consider bottle size and shape. You'll also want to consider quick release options that allow for rapid attachment replacement. Mixing ratios can also allow for greater control for all of your foam cleaning. For smaller applications, there are hand pump models that can be used without a pressure washer.