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Wash Mitts

If you walk into an auto shop or gas station, you will see dozens of car wash gloves lined up on racks. Of course, you would only want one that does not damage your car’s wax or sensitive clear coat. However, most gloves can clean your automobile effectively without causing any damage. 

Benefits and Types of a Car Washing Mitt

Some benefits of a car wash mitt are: 

  • These products are fitted with caterpillar-like protrusions, which effectively cleans, wipes away dust, and increases the surface area for absorbing water. 

  • They are great for light-scrubbing and streak-free cleaning. 

  • The gloves are great for winter seasons, as your hands will be covered and you will not have to touch the cold water. 

  • You do not have to hold it when scrubbing; you just have to wear it and run your hands all over your automobile. 

Some types of wash mitt are:

  1. Natural wool: These are made of a natural material like sheepskin and are expensive. They are very smooth and soft on any vehicle surface and will not damage the coating or wax.

  2. Microfiber: On the other hand, microfiber gloves can remove most dirt from your automobile. They are also very absorbent and lift grime and dirt effectively. 

Using Wash Mitts for Cars

Once you buy a fresh pair of washing mitts, scrubbing your vehicle will become much easier. All you need is some soap and water, and you are good to go. You need to splash water on your automobile and simply scrub the surface. Your gloves will collect the dirt. Once done, you can wash and store them until you need them. 

Buy Wash Mitt Online

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