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Car Wash Sponges

The right car wash sponge provides a significant difference in the appearance of your vehicle. These scrubbing products will prove useful to you. A good washing with this item can make your automobile look new, shiny, and bright. 

Types of Sponges for Cleaning and Waxing

Different types of car sponges available online include:

  1. Microfiber 

  2. A microfiber car wash sponge is a good option for your vehicle. A synthetic fiber towel is not abrasive and absorbs water. Whether you want to wash the windows or polish the roof, microfiber will not scratch or leave marks. 

  3. Natural Wool

  4. Made of sheepskin or lambskin, natural wool is expensive but very gentle on any car surface. It is used primarily to remove heavy dirt. However, they are not as durable as microfiber towels. 

Using Car Sponges

First, you’ll need to wet your car. With the help of the car cleaning sponge, you can remove all the dirt and dust from your vehicle. You can also soak it in a soapy solution for added effectiveness. Be it a Halford’s installation or a very basic one, sponge washing will get the job done. 

Recommendations for Buying a Car Cleaning Sponge

Some top recommendations include:

  • MJJC 

  • While this brand is a bit new, it is definitely making waves. It is known to manufacture the best automobile cleaning products and materials today. You will love the products offered by MJJC. 

  • Relentless Drive

  • This product offered by Relentless Drive has multipurpose uses and a favorite among automobile owners and car care professionals. One side can be used for wet scrubbing, while the other, can be used for dry cleaning. 

  • Viking

  • This simple grip cleaning product by Viking is one of the most pocket-friendly options for you to purchase. Aside from being priced well, it has a classic bone shape for easy grip. Its larger surface area will allow you to clean your vehicle quicker. 

We recommend the MJJC sponges—their products are the most capable for washing off large stains, wax and dirt. Their cleaning materials will not disappoint, making auto washing a snap. MJJC also offers prompt delivery.