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Polishing & Buffing Pads 

A buffing pad or a polishing pad is a small, circular accessory to restore the shine and luster of your automobile’s glossy surface or clear coat. Over time, car’s paint tends to wear off and becomes dull. If you wish to bring back the original shine, you need to use polishing and buffing products. You will find a wide range of buffing and polishing pads available on the market today. Hence, you need to ensure that you choose the right polishing and buffing pads to get that optimum shine on your vehicle.

More Details About Сar Polishing Pads 

Car buffing pads are circular and used to apply sealant or wax to a surface. Usually made of microfiber, wool, or foam, these products are made to hold abrasives and remove minor imperfections like scratches. They are sponge-like, and made for car washing, thereby reducing the heat generated. 

More Details About Buffing Pads 

Buff pads are soft circular pads that can be used to polish paint or other hard materials. Additionally, they can also be used to apply coatings like wax and sealants. In most cases, they are made of foam. However, you will also find those that are made of wool, microfiber, or a combination of all three. 

Using Pads for Polishers 

Working with pads for polishers is  easy. We recommend using a new pad for each session to experience the best auto detailing.

  • You then need to clean the item by holding a towel against it and turning on your polishing machine; this will help absorb previously-used polish.

  • Polishing pads work because of abrasion—the rough surface of varying coarseness will buff out the scratches, especially when combined with paint. You will need  an orbital sander or a drill. These devices also run on auto mode, so that you do not have to switch them on and off repeatedly. 

  • You need to run the appliance all over your car. Once the whole process is done, you will notice a significant difference in the shine of your vehicle. 

Buy Car Polishing Pads Online 

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