Clay Bars & Clay Cloths

If you want to maintain the paint of your vehicle and keep it looking new and shiny, routine washing is important. However, you will have to put in a lot of effort to ensure the paint remains strong. Of course, there are different waxing and polishing methods to restore some lost shine. But, you can make use of a clay bar or clay cloth to keep the paint job looking pristine.

Advantages of Using a Clay Bar

If you make use of a clay bar for detailing, it can offer you several benefits like:

  • It will protect and improve your automobile’s paint. Imagine it as a soap; it will keep your car’s paint looking fresh. It is almost similar to waxing; however, it stays twice as long.

  • To remove scratches from your car, the best option is clay barring. Of course, you can repaint or wax; however, it will require much more  time. With this product, you will get quicker results that will stay for a longer. It works like a magic eraser. 

  • You will not have to pay a detail shop. Using an automotive clay bar is very simple and does not require any expertise. Save money by doing this simple job yourself. 

  • You can use a clay bar for cars on any part of your automobile, such as wheels, windshield, roof, paint, etc. You do not have to purchase anything else separately. 

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