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Car Flashlights

The car flashlight is one of the most important things you can keep in your vehicle. As a driver, you depend on it to check for scratches on your car’s body surface after washing or to illuminate other parts of your car for better care—especially during foggy, rainy, and gloomy days. A rechargeable flashlight is more reliable than a battery-operated one—it will be there for you when you need it. 

Car Flashlight Features

Here are some features you need to consider while shopping for a LED flashlight for car:

  1. Size

  2. A flashlight car item is available in multiple sizes. You need to ensure that you get the right size that fits yourneeds. Aim for something that can easily fit into or clip onto a pocket. Most items on the market are between 9.0 and 18.0 cm (3.5 and 7 inches).

  3. Wattage

  4. Wattage is another important factor to remember. The brighter the bulb, the higher the wattage; consequently, the battery won’t last as long. LED is today’s best technology—power consumption is also optimized.

  5. Color Temperature

  6. If you are looking for white light, you need to ensure that its Kelvin reading is between 3,000K and 5,000K. Readings below 3,000K will give you a yellowish color and above 5,000K means, it will be too bright for comfort. Some flashlights allow you to alternate between white, red or green light—this is a matter of preference.

    The huge advantage of owning a car flashlight is that it provides you with a tool to take care of your car anytime and anywhere. If you love your vehicle, such an item is a must-have accessory to make sure there are no scratches on your car.

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