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High-Pressure Washer Guns and Nozzles

A high-pressure water hose nozzle can reach further to connect directly to a pressure washer and provides the power you need to water a large garden or clean off a patio. The pressure wash spray gun comes in a variety of models, which can be found on our website. 

Types of High Pressure Water Spray Guns

The spray gun for your pressure washer provides additional power and precision cleaning. A spray gun can come in many types, but high-pressure models include trigger, non-trigger, quick connection, multiple inlet types, spray wand kits and more. Spray Gun Kit includes:

  • Wands. The wand provides additional extension and may include multiple pressure options for the highest variety of spray options.

  • Trigger. The trigger option allows for quick hand control and intensity variations with an increase or decrease in grip pressure.

Triggers provide fast and simple use, while wands allow you to reach higher surfaces and get into difficult-to-reach places. Both nozzle types have their own set of advantages.

High-Pressure Washer Nozzle: Advantages

Washer nozzles have a lot of advantages, but the key benefits are:

  • Added power to remove difficult stains or substances stuck on a surface.

  • Provide faster overall cleanings.

  • Offer more control to the spray for better reach and stain removal.

Washer nozzles extend the power of a pressure washer, to work more efficiently. Over time, the nozzles may need to be replaced or upgraded. These nozzles restore your old, poorly functioning nozzles, with new models featuring the latest technology.

Tips for Buying a Pressure Washer Spray Gun

When you buy online, you’ll enjoy home delivery and the ability to read online reviews. If you’re buying a high-pressure water spray gun, these tips can help:

  • Read reviews to see what others are saying

  • Make sure that the inner diameter is accurate

  • Look for quick connector options

  • Choose a nozzle type that best meets your usage needs and requirements

We offer a variety of kit, extension, trigger lock, with or without a wand and other accessories to keep your pressure washer working efficiently. Whether you need a replacement, need more pressure washing power, or need a high-pressure water hose nozzle, we have items in stock at a price you can afford.