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Foam Cannon Adapters

Foam cannon adapters are designed to be connected to a pressure washer. These foam cannon connectors are made to attach to your pressure washer’s trigger/gun assembly—similar to a wand. There are many adapters for sale from different companies online. How do you choose the best one?

Tips for Buying a Foam Cannon Adapter

Here are some tips that can help you to find the best connector:

  • Look for the proper connection for your specific pressure washer; it is easy to find the correct adapter for well-known brands. If you’re unsure which adapter fits your make and model,  send photos of your spray wand to MJJC, they  will be able to help. 

  • Note the model of your foam cannon; there are different connectors for the Foam Cannon Classic, Foam Cannon S and Foam Cannon Pro. The S and Pro models share the same foam gun connectors, but the Classic fits only classic adapters.

  • Opt for quick release connectors. They are easily recognizable and normally made of stainless steel. 


MJJC is known for offering various kinds of pressure washer foam cannon adapters. Contact us to buy the best snow connector with your specific delivery instructions.