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Foam Cannon

A foam cannon is an integral piece of equipment if you want to keep your car looking clean and sharp. While you might find a lot of different brands of these products online, MJJC is considered the best choice. These amazing tools make cleaning your vehicle’s exterior an easy task! In addition to cleaning your vehicle easier and faster, car wash foam lances by MJJC are fitted with features that offer better cleaning powers, than other universal car foam sprayer tools. 

Types and Advantages of Foam Cannons

MJJC offers three types of tools—in addition to the Foam Cannon Classic, there are also the Foam Cannon S and the Foam Cannon Pro. Both products are similar with  only minor differences. Both, the Foam Cannon S and the Foam Cannon Pro can be fitted with a pipe to release snow-like water at high pressure. However, only the Pro series has an anti-leak tank cap, that allows  you to foam your car without any type of leakage. Both the S and Pro models allow you to target and spray hard-to-reach areas of your vehicle. They have been designed ergonomically to be portable. One difference between the Foam Cannon S and the Foam Cannon Pro is the price. The Foam Cannon Classic sells for  $39 USD, while the Cannon S and the Cannon Pro retail for $49 USD and $59 USD, respectively. Another difference between these models is capacity. Pro holds more than 1,200ml(42 US fluid oz), while the S and Classic have smaller volumes, roughly 1,000ml(35 US fluid oz).

Tips for Buying a Car Foam Cannon

Here are some tips to remember before purchasing the best soap cannon for your needs:

  • Determine the size of your spray wand adapter and select the correct adapter for your foam lance—here are a dozen options. The proper connection will depend on your pressure washer brand and model.

  • Take a look at the shape of the bottle; some are very basic and look like a scuba tank. Others are more ergonomically-designed for better grip while working. 

  • Not everyone has a pressure washer; hence you need to look for cannons that can be attached to a garden hose or other sources of high-pressure water.

If you’re in the market for the best foam cannon, MJJC has what you’re looking for. MJJC has built a reputation for manufacturing and providing the highest quality products.