Dual Action Polishers

Also known as an orbital polisher dual action, the head rotates similar to Earth’s orbit around the sun, hence the nickname. A dual action polisher is one of the most convenient tools you can use to polish automotive paint. The tool is very simple to understand and use, and is a great product for anyone interested in polishing paint or waxing their automobiles. However, these electric tools generate a lot of heat and should be handled only by professionals.

Benefits and Types of Dual Action Polishers

Some benefits of dual action polishing tools are:

  • The device sits opposite to a backing plate to create balance. This feature prevents bouncing and jumping while in use.The rotating pads produce smooth movement while working.  

  • Does not scratch or overheat paint. This is because the tool eliminates oxidation and evenly applies wax to the surface area. 

  • The machine offers improved texture and luster because jerking is removed. In turn, the scratch marks are covered well. The heat does not remove deep scratches but does well enough to hide them properly. 


Some types of dual action car polishers are:

  1. Single head

  2. This type of DA polisher appliance is the easiest to use and most user-friendly. It has a long single head and is used for basic tasks. 

  3. Cyclo head

  4. Cyclo head devices are used for high-end jobs, like  polishing airplanes, boats, RV’s, etc. They are fitted with two polishing heads to cover a larger surface area. 

  5. Hybrid

  6. The hybrid tool oscillates and rotates simultaneously, providing the best grip. This feature, along with a variable speed setting, prevents overheating the paint. It also minimizes unwanted jerking.

Using a Dual Action Car Polisher

Using this device is simple. After washing your vehicle, inspect the paint. Once you have identified any imperfections, use the dual action polisher to apply paint to those areas. Apply another coat for a more polished shine. 

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