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Car Drying Towels 

The ultimate reason you end up buying a car drying towel is to dry your vehicle’s exterior or interior. Most of these products will help you achieve the objective. One of the most effective methods of drying your car is to use a dedicated drying car towel. Let us take a closer look at these amazing fabrics.

Types of Car Drying Towels

There are two types of car drying towels: 

  1. Chamois 

  2. This is a special type of leather that is usually manufactured from a goat or sheep hide. These products have a smooth surface and are super absorbent. However, they have their limitations.

  3. Microfiber

  4. On the other hand, microfiber car-drying towels, are made of a special blend of fibers. The surface of these items is irregular and uneven, which is great for absorbing small particles of water and removing wax, which also prevents small scratches.  

The Advantages of Using Towels for Car Drying

Some advantages of buying this product are:

  • You can perform specific detailing tasks like wiping, buffing, polishing, drying, etc. 

  • The vehicle’s paint can score; hence, you need to take precautions to prevent it. With the right fabric, you will be able to avoid scratches and twist patterns. 

  • If you choose the right drying cloth, your motorcar will have polished paint and a glossy surface—the detailing process will go smoother. 

Tips for Buying a Car Towel

Tips for buying the right drying cloth:

  • Always choose the best materials. Cotton is considered the best option for a car detailing drying cloth. The fabric is soft enough to dry your vehicle without damage. 

  • Drying clothes go through a lot of rough usages. Over time, drying cloths lose their soft texture. It is important to find a drying cloth which will stay plush for a long time.

  • While want the fabric to be absorbent, it also needs to be durable and soft. Rough cloths will only scratch the surface of your motorcar. Hence, softness matters. 

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